Bilingual Work Safety Specialist, Speaker, and Trainer

Work Safety Professional , Speaker, and Trainer John Hale

John Hale helps supervisors and workers capture the vision of a zero-injury workplace through stories and lessons from a lifetime of practicing safe habits.

He began working in construction with his family at age 12, so when his superior officer in the Air Force needed a construction safety manager, John was the perfect choice. He quickly discovered that the stories from his past stuck with workers during his briefings — not just for their entertainment value, but for the lessons they embodied.

John is an Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer Certified Instructor. He knows the question that resonates most with workers who crave guidance, mentorship, direction, and cooperation is this: “How can I help you?”

Born to Serve

John served 22 years in the United States Air Force where among his duties was delivering safety messages and being a coach and coordinator to airmen in Iraq, Afghanistan, and across the world.

He got years of training and earned college degrees in safety, but the true lesson John learned was about how to be a people person. Through interactions with workers, John found out that people work harder, smarter, and more efficiently when they’re supported.

John’s mentors were personable, caring, and friendly; as a safety manager, John followed in their footsteps by becoming a steady leader who spent almost as much time asking about his workers’ families as he did teaching them about operating heavy machinery.

As an Author

Zero Injuries: Strategies for Leading Teams to Identify and Control Hazards is must-read material for successful teams who have an eye on each other’s safety so each team member returns home at the end of the day.

More than a book on safety, Zero Injuries offers solutions for engaging workers, reach them when they’re most receptive to correcting bad habits, identify and control hazards, and have workers’ compensation claims fall dramatically.

A company desiring to ingrain the values required to build their safety culture needs to share this book with all involved.

Speaker/Corporate Trainer with a Personal Touch

What sets John apart from other safety professionals is his incredible skill at sharing personal stories, including times when he was “that guy” — the foolhardy risk-taker with both thrilling and terrible results.

After being moved by the stories when facing a dilemma, workers will pause in the “Wait-a-Sec” moment to choose safety and avoid being like “that guy” who took a safety shortcut and suffered serious consequences.

Safety Training Is a Smart Investment in Your Team’s Future.

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