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Protecting Your Priorities

As a CEO, manager, supervisor, or simply as a human being, you want your workers to go home safe at the end of their shift. Your employees have roles that go beyond being productive members of your team. They are spouses, parents, caregivers, and more.

John Hale’s dynamic in-person and livestream presentations help teams establish safety as a top priority and achieve the goal of an injury-free workplace by using true stories and real-life examples. He has several success stories that clarify best practices for workplace safety.

John Hale Keynote

John’s Presentations Help Supervisors and Workers:

Identify hazards at the beginning of every task

Put safeguards in place to avoid injuries

Become people-oriented, so they look out for the safety of others

Identify the correct equipment, person, and location for each task

Begin each day with a plan that ensures safety and best practices

Remember important safety lessons through real-life examples

John is Bilingual!  ¡John es bilingüe!

Fluency in Spanish is a prized asset, one that John Hale uses to knock down language-barriers as his presentations are also available in Spanish.


‘Hero of the Moment’

When one defining moment saves lives

There are defining moments when one person’s initiative prevents disaster and saves everyone from harm. That is what “Hero of the Moment” is about.

When a perilous situation begins to reveal itself, what happens next often depends on who is around. An untrained worker unaware of potential hazards is a disaster waiting to happen, but a prepared, proactive worker will draw the team’s attention with a sense of urgency and say, “Stop! That’s dangerous!” In a more intense situation, they might even pull a team member out of harm’s way.

‘Hero of the Moment’ shows workers and supervisors how to:

  • Identify and address potential hazards with one important first step
  • Pinpoint the people and equipment involved in each project
  • Organize and understand systems for ensuring safety and planning for disasters
  • Remember important lessons, strategies, and insights for safety so they’re never caught off-guard

Stories with titles like “Nearly Lost my Head in Mexico,” “Up the Creek Without a Spatula,” “Just Pull the Alarm,” and many more, ensure that you’ll remember the lessons the next time danger lurks.


‘Eyes on My Safety’

Working Together to Stop Danger Before it Starts

Sometimes, all it takes is a conversation: “I’m a parent. Please have eyes on my safety.”

Caring about one’s safety is natural. It’s a survival instinct. Exhibiting the same care for others involves more than being a competent, cautious worker. It takes humanity, empathy, and consideration. And it starts with a personal connection.

John Hale’s “Eyes on My Safety” presentation shows supervisors and team members how communication can lead to teams developing plans, identifying hazards, looking out for each other, and building a familial bond in which everyone has eyes on the best interests of the people around them.

‘Eyes on My Safety’ builds safe, seamless teams by:

  • Helping them develop a sense of family-like closeness through care and communication
  • Emphasizing the importance of avoiding shortcuts
  • Working together to develop plans, build relationships, identify and correct poor safety practices, and recognize potential hazards
  • Identifying the correct worker(s) and equipment for each task or project
  • Providing strategies that can help reduce the number of workers’ compensation claims

Make Workplace Safety a Priority

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