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Dear Meeting Professionals,

Thank you for considering me to speak at your event. I am delighted to offer my engaging, interactive, and impactful presentations.

As an Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer with decades of working in and around the construction industry, I have, over the years, experienced countless moments that not only serve as humorous anecdotes but also relay a sense of purpose and caution.

We all know that safety presentations aren’t exactly fun but, I have managed to make them entertaining. People love stories, and when you narrate one filled with relatable instances, it is hard to forget them. I have discovered that a good story always resonates with the audience and they absorb and retain the message better.

First of all, I invite you to view some of my content to get an idea of how I do what I do. You can get a sense of my style of delivery and my overall energy.

Next, I would like for you to read some of the testimonials left by happy clients as there’s no social proof greater than a clientele that has benefited from my presentations.

Finally, please contact me to tell me more about your event and what works best for you.

I am bilingual and available to present in both English and Spanish.

I realize that it is a highly intense planning process, and I wish you the very best of luck as you aim to plan a memorable event for your organization.

John Hale

John’s Most Requested Speaking Topics

Hero of the Moment

When one defining moment saves lives

Hero of the Moment shows workers and supervisors how to identify hazards and spot trouble before it starts. Through engaging stories that capture the audience’s attention and shed light on the message, this presentation helps teams:

  • Identify and address potential hazards with one important first step
  • Pinpoint the people and equipment involved in each project
  • Organize and understand systems for ensuring safety and planning for disasters
  • Remember important lessons, strategies, and insights for safety so they’re never caught off-guard

Eyes on My Safety

Working Together to Stop Danger Before it Starts

Eyes on My Safety shows supervisors and team members how to communication effectively and watch out for the safety of those around by creating familial ties. It helps builds safe, seamless teams by:

  • Fostering family-like closeness through care and communication
  • Emphasizing the importance of avoiding shortcuts
  • Providing strategies that can help reduce the number of workers’ compensation claims
  • Demonstrating how to identify and correct poor safety practices
  • Helping supervisors reach workers when they are the most receptive to correcting unsafe habits

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Speaker Intro

“John does a great job putting the concepts into action and demonstrates how a culture can function with the right support, commitment, practice, and beliefs.”
“Good common sense advice and ideas to operate safely. I enjoyed the personal stories that are relatable and helpful to remember the lessons taught.”
“John shares his wealth of experience to convince lax workers to step up and help each other avoid unrecoverable accidents.”
“My favorites are when he falls into a trench at night, and when his mother is saved by a Wonder Woman type heroine, on a Hawaii beach.”

Ready to Have John Hale Make Your Next Event Unforgettable?

Ready to Have John Hale Make Your Next Event Unforgettable?