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More Than Just a Book on Safety

Zero Injuries: Strategies for Leading Teams to Identify and Control Hazards

Catch the Vision of Zero Injuries

Zero Injuries is about successful teams with an eye on each other’s safety so all return home safely at the end of the day.

This book will show readers how to:

  • Have workers’ compensation claims fall dramatically
  • Identify and correct poor safety practices
  • Build teams that identify and control hazards
  • Engage workers, so they have eyes on the safety of coworkers and team members
  • Reach workers when they are the most receptive to correcting unsafe habits

John Hale makes the message stick with inspiring and often humorous stories that illustrate safety strategies, so managers and workers alike catch the vision of a zero-injury workplace. With the same dynamic style he has in front of an audience, John expertly delivers an effective message with lessons gained from real experiences. 

John shares many of his humorous yet insightful stories such as “Hypnotizing Chickens,” “Up a Creek,” “10 Tons of Mud,” and “A Backyard Rollercoaster.” Companies desiring to ingrain the values required to build their safety culture should share this book with all involved.

“Everyone needs to be invested in safety on every job. Even home projects demand our attention to common, simple hazards. John shares his wealth of experience to convince lax workers to step up and help each other avoid unrecoverable accidents.”
Great read! John’s illustration of the concepts and practices that build a strong safety culture will help you on your way to improving your safety journey. John does a great job putting concepts into action with this book and demonstrates how a culture can function with the right support, commitment, practice and beliefs.
-Lane B.
“Great easy read! Not only does every story bring back a memory of relevant events that I have observed or have wondered “Why do we do it this way?” But being given insight & strategies on how these situations can be improved, makes it easy to learn & become more aware as a leader/supervisor in my career as a mechanic.”